Mountain View Estates Drainage Improvement Project, Phase I (City of San Antonio Public Works Project), San Antonio, Texas ($2.5 M):

Project Descriptions: 158.0 acre “Mountain View Acres” Subdivision in Culebra Creek Watershed had acute flooding problem. There was a great need of a large underground stormwater system under public road to convey the upstream flow to the downstream. Project needed upstream and downstream channel improvements along with the drainage system under the road. 

Services Provided: MHR developed a design solution for flooding problem. The project involved a detailed watershed analysis, detailed hydrologic analysis for the existing & proposed condition, developing hydrologic (HECHMS) and hydraulic models (HEC-RAS), designing 4-400′-7’X4′ Multiple Box Culverts (MBC) under Mt. Hellen St. including upstream and downstream channel improvements. Responsibilities also included Plans, Specifications and Estimates.

The project has alleviated the subdivision from heavy flooding that provides access to emergency services in and out of the subdivision during heavy rainfall events.