Engineers at MHR have significant experience in the transportation sector that covers Roadway & Bridge, Traffic, Drainage, Construction Management and Land Surveying. 


  • Schematic & Geometric Design
  • Roadways Plan and Profile
  • Roadways Drainage Design
  • Traffic Data Collection & Analysis
  • Traffic Forecasting
  • Traffic Signal Warrant Analysis
  • Signal Timing & Optimization
  • Roadway Capacity Analysis
  • Traffic Safety Study
  • Traffic Impact Analysis (Level I, II & III)
  • Traffic Control Plans
  • Traffic Operations per Texas MUTCD Guidelines
  • Access Management
  • Traffic Modeling/ Simulations
  • Travel Demand Modeling
  • Construction Management
  • Land Surveying



  • 3.1.1    Route Studies & Schematic Design – Minor Roadways
  • 3.2.1    Route Studies & Schematic Design – Major Roadways
  • 3.3.1    Route Studies and Schematic Design – Complex Highways
  • 3.4.1    Minor Bridge Layouts
  • 4.1.1    Minor Roadway Design
  • 4.2.1    Major Roadway Design
  • 4.3.1    Complex Highway Design



  • 7.1.1    Traffic Engineering Studies
  • 7.3.1    Traffic Signal Timing
  • 8.1.1    Signing, Pavement Marking and Channelization
  • 9.1.1    Bicycle and Pedestrian Facility Development



  • 10.1.1  Hydrologic Studies
  • 10.2.1  Basic Hydraulic Design
  • 10.3.1  Complex Hydraulic Design



  • 11.1.1  Roadway Construction Management and Inspection



  • 15.1.1  Survey
  • 15.1.2  Parcel Plats
  • 15.1.3  Legal Descriptions
  • 15.1.4  Right of Way Maps
  • 15.2.1  Design and Construction Survey
  • 15.4.1  Horizontal and Vertical Control for Aerial Mapping


Traffic Study/ Huebner Road and Evers Road Intersection, San
Antonio, Texas: Scope of work includes existing condition analysis , traffic data collection during AM and PM peak hours, estimate peak hour trips for future condition, traffic modeling and traffic data analysis. The objective of this traffic study was to analyze the traffic impact due to the Texas
Department of Public Safety (DPS) building on Huebner Road close to the Huebner and Evers intersection.

Traffic Impact Analysis (Level II), Royal Crest Master Development
Plan (MDP), San Antonio, Texas: Responsibilities includeD for a level II TIA per City of San Antonio Uniform Development Code meeting the Rough Proportionality requirements.

Traffic Study for Baptist Emergency Hospital, San Antonio, Texas MHR completed a detailed traffic safety study for Baptist Emergency Hospital at Overlook Parkway. Study included traffic data collection & analysis, existing sight distance analysis and providing recommendation
to avoid traffic accident.

Traffic Study for Winfield Parkway at Bob Bullock Loop, Laredo,
Texas- Performed the Traffic Impact Analysis for the 300.0 acre land development project. This study was submitted to the Texas Department of Transportation, Laredo, Texas.

Traffic Study/ Springs at Bandera- FM 1604 West, San Antonio,
Texas- Performed the traffic study for Loop 1604-West Frontage Road.  This study was submitted to the Texas Department of Transportation, San Antonio, Texas.

Traffic Impact Analysis/ Vehicular Access Points onto Loop 20, Laredo, Texas Completed the Traffic Impact Analysis for the Arena Development Plan of Laredo, Texas. This study was submitted to the Texas Department of Transportation, Laredo, Texas

Traffic Study/ McDonough 36.0 acre Master Development Plan, San Antonio, Texas Completed the Traffic Impact Analysis for the Master Development Plan (MDP).

Traffic Study/ Westcreek Commercial Development at Loop 1604, San Antonio, Texas Completed the Traffic Impact Analysis for the 30.0 acre commercial development.

Traffic Study for Schertz Parkway (KB Home Project), Schertz, Texas- Completed the traffic study for Schertz Parkway in conjunction with a subdivision design for KB Homes. The study includes the analysis of signal warrant and signal timing.

Traffic Study/ McDonough 104.0 Acre Master Development Plan- Performed a traffic study for 104.0 acre MDP which includes the Level of Service and signal warrant analysis.

Westpark Tollway for Harris County Tollway Authority, Harris
County, Texas:
Drainage design and roadway quantity estimation, prepared cross
sections along Westhollow Parkway and Westpark Tollroad that included
roadway and retaining wall sections.

US 69 Frontage Roads and Bridges-Port Arthur, Texas:
Developed the drainage profile of the ditches for the north and south frontage roads and main lanes of US 69.

North Diamond Head Blvd., Harris County, Texas: Estimated the roadway quantities using Harris County Specifications, worked on the roadway design of this one-mile of roadway boulevard
section to widen the existing facility from two to four lanes including pavement markings, pavement signings and traffic control plan.

Esperanza Road Improvement Project, Laredo, Texas: Worked on roadway improvement for drainage.